Just Give Me The Damn Manual is a website owned and operated by one man as a side project. I created this site to be a no-BS, grab-n-go comprehensive database of automotive owners manuals.

Just Give Me The Damn Manual does not require you to:

  • register an account
  • sign up for an emailing list
  • log in through social media
  • force you to watch ads
  • redirect you to spammy websites
  • require you to fill out surveys.

I just give you the damn manual. That’s it.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s your email address?

A: [email protected]

Q: Why don’t you have X make and X model from X year?

A: I am working on it. As of writing this FAQ, I have approximately 2,000 manuals for various makes, models and years. I am consistently finding new sources of manuals to add to my collection and will add them as I get them.

Q: What years do you typically cover? A: It depends on the make. For many Ford’s and GM models I can usually find manuals all the way from 1993, anything prior to that and they practically don’t exist on the internet, in that case you’ll have to find an authorized manual reseller and buy it from them. Helm Inc. usually has these older manuals. Other makes like Honda and Acura are stingy with their owners manuals and don’t have anything prior to 2008. Here’s a quick reference table of how far back for each make I am able to manuals for:

Make Manual Years From Manuals Years To
Acura 2008 2013
Buick 1993 2011
Cadillac 1993 2012
Chevrolet 1993 2012
Chrysler 2004 2013
Dodge 2004 2013
Ford 1996 2012
GMC 1993 2012
Honda 1990 2013
Hummer 2004 2010
Hyundai 2003 2013
Jeep 2004 2013
Oldsmobile 1993 2004
Pontiac 1993 2010
Saab 2000 2009
Saturn 2004 2010
Toyota 1996 2012
Volvo 1998 2013

Q: You’re missing a lot of Toyota manuals A: Toyota manuals are by far the absolute hardest to get a hold of. They split their manuals up into 30-90 individual files for each individual model year. Obtaining just one Toyota manual is a very very time consuming process but I am working on it.

Q: I have an owners manual that you don’t have on your site, would you like it? A: Heck yes! just send me the file to my email [email protected]

Q: This site is very helpful, anyway I could show my support? A: I love reading your comments! If this site has helped you find your owners manual, please please please leave me a comment. I love reading them and believe it or not what you have to say could possibly help someone else out. Oh and each page has a ratings system on it, be sure to give it 5 stars too 🙂

Q: One of your downloads isn’t working for me A: Since I have thousands of files on this site I cannot possibly keep up with all of them. Although I do run link integrity checks every now and then, a broken link can happen. If a link happens to be down, please leave a comment with your email address and I’ll be sure to fix the link and email you the file as soon as possible.

Q: Do you have the physical copies for sale? A: No I do not. This site is meant to be a free resource for downloadable PDF files of automotive owners manuals. If you want the hard copy you’re going to have to buy it from authorized resellers such as Helm Inc. Some of these owners manuals can run upwards of $100 though, I suggest checking Amazon or Ebay first.

Q: I can’t open the files A: To view these owners manuals you’re going to need a PDF reader. Most computers and laptops sold these days come preloaded with capability. If somehow you don’t have Adobe Reader you can acquire it for free from www.adobe.com/reader


Any other questions you can email me or just leave a comment here.