1994 Toyota Pickup electrical problems

Steven O (anonymous)

When I turn on my turn signals or hit my brakes it would make my RPM’s dip and speedometer drop to 0mph. It’s a 1994 Toyota 4×4 Pickup V-6 Standard trans and all manual everything in the interior. Replaced my rear taillight assemblies on both sides and brake light switch. The bulbs and sockets were corroded bad. Only cost $60.18 for both assemblies and it looks nicer too and then everything was great. Now it’s the third day later and now it’s doing it only when I hit my turn signal. Changed the front bulbs and greased the connections ordered 2 front turn signal assemblies because the sockets were corroded and it’ll look nicer.

The question is Where’s the flasher?

Steven O answered

what is happenening is the 1994 toyota 4×4 pickup may go 4 or 5 days and then you can push the brake or turn signal or turn the ac on and the speedo drops to 0 like the current just stops for a second some times you can feel the engine cut out

Anonymous answered
vulkus (anonymous)

If you are looking for the flasher relay, usually they are under the dash on the drivers side. Just turn it on and look and listen for the noise.

vulkus answered
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