Deactivation switch for automatic headlights for 98 Toyota Corolla

Martha (anonymous)
  1. (Normally): Headlight turn on automatically when car is started. Within a short period dash lights (if at night) will turn on as well .
  2. The problem I’m having is when dash lights come on, headlights go off (at night ONLY).
  3. During the day that dash lights don’t come in, headlights stay on NO PROBLEM?
  4. I replaced headlight relay from the fuse box under the hood, problem remains.
  5. Could it be another relay from other fuse box under steering wheel?
  6. Maybe a problem with the headlight sensor?
  7. Or maybe a relay from fuse box behind glove box?
  8. Maybe something entirely different?
  9. That’s what led me to this forum abd question?
  10. Is it possible to deactivate/override automatic lights to having to manually turn on headlight and dash lights?
Martha answered
Carolina Emory (anonymous)

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Carolina Emory answered
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