think something’s wrong with my transmission


My transmission on my 2006 Ford Escape all wheel drive with 3.0 engine is slipping won’t go when I first start it it goes for about a hundred feet and then the engine revs out like it’s in neutral but it’s still in gear it won’t go into drive it won’t go reverse won’t go first or second gear like maybe the filter is clogged or something maybe internal inside I checked the fluid plenty of fluid but it just loses its tranny once it warms up

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Well this could be a few things really.

Could be dirty or burned oil, but you won’t know just by looking at it or smelling. If you decide to change it out, you’ll need to replace the filter also, in which case you will need to take off the tranny pan, remove the screen or filter then replace with a new one, put on a new gasket. Bolt it back up then refill with the correct fluid.

Or it could be a solenoid issue.

Or it could be a torque converter issue.

Best to have it scanned first see if there are any codes for the auto and go from there. If no codes, at first assume bad fluid and do the change. If still no good, you’ll need to get it diagnosed by a professional.

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