Social Media… For Cars? [Early Access]

Talk to Other Drivers with the Vroomin App


Recently I have been involinvg myself in a promising startup called Vroomin. The premise of the application is simple: help connect cars by allowing drivers and non-drivers to talk to each other using their license plate.

Once you sign up for the app you can access its many features using an iOS device. By typing in a license plate you can send a message or even send money to the registered user of a car. The uses for Vroomin are endless, whether for social purposes or because you are trying to get someone out of a parking ticket and they want to send you a tip.

Vroomin has attended a top 10 US incubator and is gaining a lot of interest before its pre-launch. We invite you to sign up to our early beta version through our website and are happy to have a chat or to answer any questions in regards to Vroomin.

Think you’ll like Vroomin? Click Here To Get It

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